Sunday, 23 February 2014

Circulation Boost Skin Oil!

Winter has always been one of my favourite seasons however this Winter has rapidly changed my mind and I have found myself longing for long, hot summer days. The treacherous weather has had Sienna and I stuck in doors most weeks and I have found everything is suffering; from my skin to my mood!

When Inner Soul Organics asked if I wanted to try their Circulation Boost Skin Oil, I just couldn't say no. A bit of pampering always cheers me up and makes me feel better and an oil seemed exactly what my dehydrated skin needed. 

Inner Soul was founded with the aim of making customers feel beautiful inside and out with their ingredients being natural and organic and suitable for all skin types. The Circulation Boost Skin Oil is perfect for spring as it has uplifting essential oils in to combat the winter blues and helps reduce cellulite, perfect for getting your body ready for the warmer days.

I have been using this oil for the past couple of days and so far I adore it! It has become a nighttime ritual of mine to shower and then slather myself in this oil. My skin drinks it up and feels so supple and hydrated afterwards. I find my skin is much more glowy and full of life thanks to the circulation boosting properties, no sign of dull, dry skin to be seen! I haven't seen much change in my cellulite so far but I don't think it has been long enough, I will continue to use it though as it seems promising! This really has made me feel much better and happier the past few days and not to mention my skin has been loving it too! 

I highly recommend these if you need a bit of perking up this February or if you're looking for a lovely pampering gift for Mothers day! 

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser Review!

Just a few weeks ago, my skin was breaking out so badly, I think it was the worst it had ever been. I immediately starting looking around at reviews of cleansers, spot treatments and anything that looked promising to sort my skin out. 

I read on Caroline Hiron's blog that foaming cleansers were a big no-no when it came to trying to keep bacteria and spots at bay. Uh oh, I was using a Clinique, foaming cleanser. I ditched it immediately and ordered this cleanser as Caroline had rated it an amazing 5/5 and it is recommended for blemish prone skin.

It's in a pump which is the best type of packaging and you can see how much you have used which is always a plus point too. It's a real creamy consistency and even though it contains clay, it doesn't dry at all like most clay cleansers/masks. You can really work it into the skin and then rinse it off easily. 

Now I will be honest, this did not help my breakouts immediately but I do feel like it helped calm the down, make them less angry and soothed any itchiness/irritation. I would probably repurchase and continue using because I love how it makes my skin and look in general. Now that my breakouts are clearing up (with the help of another product… review to come!), my skin looks/feels more hydrated, glowy and there is less redness. This cleanser doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped or dehydrated but more purified and 'comfortable'.

I would definitely recommend this if you want something that is gentle enough for sensitive skin but also effective enough for blemish prone/oily skin types. A must have in my books!

Have you tried this? What other REN products would you recommend?

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

What I Wore Lately #1

Welcome to this new series I am going to start. It is going to be just a few outfits that I have worn over the last month or so and really loved! I will link everything if I can find it on the website, if not I will just link the shop it is from if I can! Some people may think my outfits are boring but remember I am a mummy and so I need to be comfortable and stick to a budget but I still do try to be a bit stylish :)

Necklace; Charity shop, Jumper; Primark, Leather jacket; New Look, Jeans; New Look, Bag; Topshop, Flatforms; Maxstar store

Leather jacket; New Look, Necklace; Primark (old), Scarf; Buyakilt, Bag; F&F (old), Jeans; New Look, Boots (not really pictured, they are heels); F&F (old).

Necklace; Primark, Cardigan; Primark, Top; Primark, Watch; Tahlias closetJeans; New Look, Boots; F&F.

Jacket; OASAP, Blouse; Internationale (old), Necklace; New Look (I think..!?), Bag; Primark, Skirt; New Look, Heels; New Look

Snood; BritfashLeather jacket; New Look, Bag; Topshop, Skirt; Freestyle Xtreme (old), Boots; F&F.

I hope you enjoyed this and look forward to these posts in the future. I love outfits posts they give me so much inspiration.

What have you been wearing lately?

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