Monday, 20 January 2014

Topshop 'Desert Sun' Cheek Duo!

With my beloved Benefit 'Fine One One' coming to an end, I was on the hunt for something equally as beautiful. I was on the fence about wether to try a cream or a powder but decided powder may be better as my skin has become a bit more oily lately.

Topshop 'Desert Sun' Cheek Duo

I had some Topshop vouchers left over for christmas and originally popped in for a midi skirt. With no luck on the skirt front, I was drifting around the store to see if anything would take my fancy and I spied their make-up range. I have never tried anything from Topshop's make-up line so was eager to find something I liked the look of. 

Topshop 'Desert Sun' Cheek Duo

Topshop's Cheek Duo in 'Desert Rose' definitely stood out to me. I have been loving The Balm 'Fat Boy' blush recently which is a gorgeous pinky peach and this looked like the same kind of shade, with a gorgeous gold highlight on the other side. It looked perfect for what I was after!

Topshop 'Desert Sun' Cheek Duo

I fell in love with it and soon it was on it's way home with me and of course, it had a quick debut on Instagram! The colour is more similar to Frat Boy than I thought so that was good memory skills! 

Topshop 'Desert Sun' Cheek Duo & The Balm Frat Boy
Topshop 'Desert Sun' Cheek Duo & The Balm Frat Boy swatches

The highlighter is a bit more gold than I normally go for, but I actually prefer it I think. It blends in a lot more with my blush/bronzer and skin tone than a paler more white based highlight does and together they create a gorgeous bronze highlight. LOVE! I am wearing it in this post if you want to see what it looks like on my face.

Topshop 'Desert Sun' Cheek Duo swatches

 I was a bit worried that the quality wouldn't be great seeing as it is predominantly a clothing store, I'm not usually a fan of the make-up in places like New Look, H&M etc... but I am really impressed. The quality seems great, the colour payoff and pigmentation is good and I think I will get a lot of use out of it. I think this has encouraged me to dip my toes a little further into the Topshop line of cosmetics! 

What's your favourite product from Topshop's make-up range?

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  1. Ohhh this looks so super pretty. I've never tried a highlight like that and would love to! The Topshop eyeliners are so fab as well if you see them! xxx
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